What is prife?

Turn your life in a cheerful and motivating game. Create games as a set of missions. Invite your friends to play or watch. Mission completion is proved with a photo. For every mission you get points. Compete with friends to score more points. Together, you have fun looking at pictures of your friends.
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The mission

Unlike other games of this genre, focused on special events, prife is oriented to everyday use. Prife is able to make every person's daily life rich and interesting.

Choose occupation as you like

Choose from the available examples, borrow from friends, or create a game yourself.

Achieve your goals

By fulfilling missions in games you achieve your life goals. In fact, that's how you live a full life.

Share with friends

This will give you and them additional motivation to make your lives even brighter and more saturated.

Teenager social game

There is a special free online social game for teenagers called prife.fun. Play games with friends. Post funny shots to achieve points. Be the best in scores!


Think of many fun missions for your friends and invite them to the game. Get a kiss from a stranger, draw a funny mustache, or dance on the tableā€¦ everything that will make your party unforgettable

Get a kiss from a stranger

Draw a funny mustach

Dance on the table

Swap clothes with someone of the opposite sex

Ride on your friend like on a horse

Kneel the girl on her knees / Sit on the lap of a guy

Quest in the city or in nature

Your friends like to travel around the city or run around? Give them a reason to show everything they can do! Make a game as a list of places that they need to visit, and all together enjoy a bunch of interesting pictures and pleasant memories.

Visit the embankment or park
Invite your friends to visit the embankment or park and make a memorable picture there.

Get to your favorite cafe
Then gather together in your favorite cafe and see the pictures you took.

Joint shopping

Are you going to go shopping with your wife or husband? Turn it into an exciting game! Make assignments as a shopping list and you will always know what is already bought without having to call each other and ask a bunch of unnecessary questions.

You can make a detailed shopping list for accuracy

And you can confine yourself to a few common points

It all depends on you and your preferences

Pick-up for a picnic

Do you want to go on a picnic with friends? Now you have a reliable and entertaining way to manage it. Compose missions as a list of things and products that everyone must capture and see to ensure that they are carried out. The photos will help you in this.

Someone has to take it, isn't it? Let him take a picture of it in the trunk of his car, so you are confident of success.

Sausages and vegetables
Other people will bring some food. Create tasks for each product and specify the necessary quantities so that everyone can bring exactly what you need and confirm it with a photo beforehand.

Plans for the day with improved motivation

Do you want to become better? Need a motivation? You will easily achieve this with prife! Turn your life into a game, assignments in which will make you better every day.

Ride a bike

Take a walk

Present your wife with flowers

Play with your child

Read the book's chapter

Learn 10 words of a foreign language

Prepare a new dish

Organization of work of the group

Do you teach drawing, needlework, culinary? Increase the involvement of members of your group. Create a game in which participants will publish photos of their work performed within the framework of your course.

Spicy Bean Salsa

California Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Italian Wedding Soup

Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas

Chantal's New York Cheesecake

Dog walking

Do you have a dog, but are you too busy to walk with it often enough? Do you worry if enough time is spent with it by a person you hire? Create a game, the missions in which are the actions that you expect from it. Rejoice for your pet right at your work, getting pictures of the missions.

Take the dog out for a walk

Running with the dog to the park

Play with the dog in the ball

Give the dog food and pour water

Motivation for employees

Make your employees work like a game. Whether cleaning the restroom in a cafe, or delivering a pizza, a photo confirmed by the performance of this mission will bring you confidence, and fun for employees.

Pizza delivery
Ask your employees to take pictures of the transfer of pizza to customers, if they do not mind. This will not only motivate employees, but will also serve as an advertising material when published on your website.

Table setting
If your employees serve tables in a cafe or restaurant, they can take pictures of the results of their work.

Cleaning of a bathroom in a cafe
Somebody has to do this, isn't it? Employees will do it more willingly and more often if this is a game in which points are awarded, and the winner receives a prize!

Advertising campaign

Want to increase sales in your store? Create a game as a set of fun missions that customers can do with your products. Print out the QR code from the game and hang it and explain it in a prominent place. You will receive not only satisfied customers, but also free advertising, when they will publish their pictures on social networks.

Buy crayons / pencils / paints
Draw something

Buy tourist boots
Photo of the boot on the edge of the abyss

Buy Backpack
Photo of a backpack on top of a mountain

Buy a boat
Photo in the boat on the water

The future has already come

Life has become an exciting game, helping to achieve more. Be first. Start right now.

Let's play, let's prife!

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